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©2011 Michael George www.michaelgeorgephoto.comEver since the fifth grade, Brian has been performing through the medium of dance. For nine years he performed mostly contemporary ballet as well as tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern. Upon his arrival to NYC, Brian found a new obsession in social dancing. In November of 2008 he joined The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers where he trained under the amazing Laura Jeffers, who shaped and molded Brian into the swing dancer he is today. In the Summer of 2010, he was invited to join Michael Jagger and Evita Arce’s Swing FX, the American shoot off of Ryan Francois’ Swing X-treme. Brian can be seen performing with many other dance companies including Ground Grippers Dance Company, Roddy Caravella’s Varsity Syncopators, Caleb Teicher and Company, The Vanaver Caravan, and the modern dance company, Vissi Dance Theatre.


©2011 Michael George www.michaelgeorgephoto.com

In addition to performing the work of others, Brian loves to create stories of his own and tell them through dance. In a word: choreographing. Brian has choreographed countless routines for students, wedding couples, dance troupes, and for himself and his partner. When choreographing, Brian places a strong emphasis on story telling and making his movements a physical expression of the music that inspired them. Brian’s choreography has won first place at the NYU Intercollegiate Swing Exchange (NISE) 2010, with “Swingin’ the Blues”, 2011 with “Truckin’ My Blues Away”, and 2012 with “Love Me or Leave Me”. Much of Brian’s time as an instructor is spent choreographing routines for students who wish to perform in competitions, showcases, or for special events.


©2011 Michael George www.michaelgeorgephoto.comBrian’s first experience teaching dance was a beginner ballet class through the Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts (PSPA) where he also taught jazz and adult conditioning among other classes. Shortly after moving to NYC, Brian became the president of the NYU Swing Dance Society and the NYU Latin & Ballroom Dance Club. Brian taught six to seven classes on any given week, constantly becoming more comfortable in his role as an instructor. He taught at Sandra Cameron Dance Center where he ran a weekly Club Cha Cha class and Basic Six class, and then at DanceSport where he headed up their swing program and taught six group classes per week and private lessons in all styles of dance. Brian is currently teaching freelance in the heart of Manhattan where he teaches group and private lessons.